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Buick Yip Wing Chun Artwork

Buick Yip's artwork is not mass produced.  Each item is painstakingly created to offer you only the highest quality work.  Deep breathing and visualization exercises are performed before each stroke of the brush. Look for this seal on your work to know it is authentic Buick Yip.

Buick Yip Wing Chun Paintings - Every one Different and Unique!  Custom painted for you.  The scroll paintings are of the highest quality and are a true treasure.  There is no better way to decorate your school or home than with custom Wing Chun Art from Buick Yip! These scrolls were only test prints!  You can expect even finer work on your painting. Contact us to see what is currently available or to make a request. Allow up to 4 weeks for Delivery.
Price INCLUDES Shipping!
Available for a Limited Time Only!

Scroll "Wing Chun Fist Art" - Limited Supply!  Contains Buick Yip's personal seal. This scroll is hand made and each is unique. Horizontal or Vertical Layout.  They are about a foot wide and about five feet tall (or vice versa for the horizontal one).  These scrolls make a huge difference in the way your room, school, house looks.  Allow up to 4 weeks for Delivery.  Price INCLUDES Shipping!
Scroll "Chinese Martial Art Maintains its Invincible Power, Wing Chun Passed Down Through Direct Lineage"  Very Limited Supply.  These scrolls are like the ones hung at the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association.  Contains Buick Yip's personal seal.  These scrolls are hand made and each is unique. Proudly display these scrolls.  Allow up to 4 weeks for Delivery.  Price INCLUDES Shipping!


Wing Chun Board - This Wing Chun board is made to hang at your school. Each is custom made for you. Allow up to 8 weeks for Delivery (4 for shipping surface). Price Includes Shipping!

Wing Chun Amulet/Key Chain - One of a kind "Wing Chun Fist".  1"x2".  Wear around your neck or with your keys.

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