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Master Craftsman and Artist, Buick Yip, Brings You Unique Wing Chun Wooden Dummies, Long Poles, Butterfly Swords, Artwork, Calligraphy, and More!

"Besides having been involved in Ving Tsun kung fu for more than 40 years, Sifu Buick Yip is an outstanding calligrapher and artist. His attention to detail and keen ability to recognize the true nature of Ving Tsun in his art and Ving Tsun products sets him apart from the norm. I am very selective of what art I buy for my school and products used. Sifu Buick Yip has provided me much joy over the years with his products and art. In my opinion, you just canít go wrong with Sifu Buick Yip."  
           - Darrell Jordan, President and Founder, World Ving Tsun Athletic Assn.

Dear Wing Chun Practitioner,

Have you ever tried to find a good long pole, wooden dummy, or pair of butterfly swords and found the task near impossible?  Have you ever wanted a piece of Wing Chun artwork from your home or school that was unique and not in every other school out there?  If so, then look no further, because these are the things that Buick Yip specializes in.

True Dedication to the Art

Buick Yip is one of the old time Wing Chun students from Hong Kong (he has been involved for more than 50 years - before the rest of the world even knew about the art).  He is a master craftsman who is now concentrating on creating beautiful and unique Wing Chun products as a way of living.  He work is top-notch, unique, and many of his items are rare collectables.

Some of you might have heard of the VTAA (Ving Tsun Athletic Association) Conference that was first held in 1997 (and the second in Nov 2005).  What you might not know is that Buick Yip is the one the coordinated that momentous event. 

To this day Buick Yip still practices his Wing Chun.  As with the coordination of the VTAA conferences, his contributions to the art of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) and numerous, and largely unknown except to the circle of people he communicates with regularly, such as Master Chu Shong Tin, Ip Chun, and many other masters of the art.  He is truly dedicated to his art, and it is an honor that he would share his artwork with us. 

Only the Highest Quality

I can't tell you how many Sifus have contacted me looking to get in touch with Buick.  His work is very highly sought after.  These are masters of the art wanting Buick's products, and it is not uncommon for them to buy 5-10 dummies and 20 long poles at a time. And usually by the time the products arrive they've already been sold to students or have places awaiting them in a Sifu's home or school.

Even though Buick may produce more than one of the same item, they are all unique and special.  For example, instead of just writing "Wing Chun Fist Art" on a bunch of scrolls and selling them "mass-market" he takes his time with each one, doing deep breathing exercises between each stroke, and producing only the highest quality pieces of art.  Calligraphy is an art form unto itself, and Buick takes pride in giving you something that will be a cherished part of your collection forever.

So please browse through his products and order your piece of Wing Chun history today.  Many of the scrolls and artworks are only offered for a limited time.  The dummies are some of the rarest in the world and hard to produce.  When the materials run out there will be no more.  So order them now while you still can!  I personally try to have at least 1 of everything Buick makes, and proudly display his work, and I hope you will too.


Aaron Cantrell
Founder of the Everything Wing Chun, Wing Chun University, Wing Chun Videos Instant Access, eWingChun, Wing Chun Archive, Wing Chun Fight Club, & Wing Chun Pedia

P.S. - There is currently a VERY HIGH demand for his work, so the sooner you place your order the better.

P.P.S If you want to learn more about Wing Chun wooden dummies we suggest you check out WingChunGeeks.com for their indepth dummy guide.

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